Claudia and I would like to thank you for representing us in our dispute with Cobb Vantress, Inc. This was a very difficult situation for us for a variety of reasons. We sincerely appreciate your wisdom and honesty throughout this process. During my career at the bank I have had the opportunity to work with a number of attorneys but have never dealt with a more professional and astute individual.

I visited at length with the attorneys at the Bassett Law Firm last week about this case and came away feeling that this settlement is in the best interest of all parties. We had an excellent case, but the overall damage could have had some far-reaching effects.

Once again, thank you and best regards to you, Judith, and your staff.

-Clifford G.

Yesterday I went through a lot of the material that you worked on and I was pleased with your representation, could see the passion you have put into these cases, and I wanted to express gratitude for that from both Jennifer and myself.

[Recently, a friend] approached me and asked how I felt things were going regarding our cases and I told him what an incredible job you are doing. He then asked me how I felt about lawyers after years of different litigation and working with several attorneys, and I told him how you and I had spoken of this subject the other day at lunch. Almost 100% of the attorneys I have met and worked with have been unhappy in their career, and when they are in a big firm they start out passionate and happy but change somewhere during their time there. I told him it happened to me with [other attorneys] that I have used in big firms who start out really well and in later years their associates and everyone else are doing the work while they know little about what is going on with your case, whether it is simple transactional work or intense litigation. He asked how I saw you and I told him that you reminded me of the “old time lawyers,” not from an age standpoint, rather the fact that you attack each case with real interest and passion! I feel you no longer get that from most attorneys as they are looking to do the minimum amount in a case in order to get through rather than coming up with creative and positive ways to solve the problems they are handed.

-Lew M.

Please convey to [your team] my deep gratitude for your and their tremendous performance on behalf of American Standard.

-Charles G.