My Approach



In my long and varied career of practicing business litigation in Tulsa, I’ve learned the in’s and out’s of navigating complex legal disputes. Whether you or your business is facing a six- or eight-figure claim, or you feel there’s some wrong committed against you or your business, you can trust my judgment, knowledge, and experience to guide you in the right direction. My mission is to combine my past experience and success on large cases with personalized attention to represent you or your business efficiently and successfully; together, we’ll achieve the best result possible.


Personal Care and Attention

When you choose me to be your lawyer, I’ll be your main and sole point of contact throughout your case. I take great care and diligence in all aspects of your case, from effective discoveries to favorable depositions and strategic, cost-effective resolutions. No matter the state or nature of your case, I will guide you along the path the whole way.

Cost-Effective Solutions

I know that litigation is not the most cost-effective way to resolve a business dispute. Instead, I look at other ways to resolve your case, such as arbitration and mediation, before going through a costly trial. These other options allow your business to save necessary time and money. No matter the route your business needs to take, I will work to resolve your case in the most efficient way possible.

Aggressive Litigation

If your business’ case demands litigation, I will use my experience and sound judgment to achieve a strategic settlement in litigation. From working on multimillion-dollar, high-pressure cases in previous years, I have what it takes to aggressively fight for your business.

Strategic Settlements

Business legal matters can be complex, but not when you have an experienced business lawyer on your side. I create a results-focused strategy for each and every case and resolve them with strategic settlements that meet both parties’ requirements and – most importantly – meet and exceed your goals.

Effective Discoveries

I begin each case with a consultation, and then I start analyzing and assessing all relevant facts, documents and information. Unlike large firms, I take the necessary amount of time to ensure I’ve comprehensively reviewed your case to form confident, favorable depositions, producing the best results for your business.